Occult Library

We provide well-researched occult correspondences to ensure that the magic community has access to credible information in an age of misinformation. We aim to provide magic practitioners of all levels with confidence in their magic, as we believe that practical magic must be accompanied with knowledge.

The four tenets of magic are to know, to dare, to will, to be silent. The occult library here is in deference to the first tenet, which is the first tenet because without knowledge, the last three are not possible.

Our products follow all four tenets. We have the knowledge needed to create our products, the daring to create them, the willpower to activate the magic, and we stay silent about our process. It is in the silence of the process that magic works best - when you describe your magic process in detail, that often weakens and even, at times, negates the magic.

We share knowledge by sharing the foundations. We do not share our recipes because many of them come from familial traditions and because to share recipes is to give others the ability to counteract the magic we work. What we can share, we do share, and you will find within these pages a wealth of information on magic that will help you to create your own recipes as you gain confidence in your own magic.

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