True Colors

Discernment is crucial in spirit work. Look out for red flags like inconsistent communication, refusal to provide identifying information, harmful actions, negative reaction to cleansing, and gut feelings of danger. Trust your instincts and use spiritual protections when necessary. Read more on our blog.

Articles by Blue Huntington

Articles by Kyaza

Devotional Primer

If you're ready to embark on a devotional path, start by studying a tradition or religion for a year, then set up an altar to the god/s that calls to you. Offer daily prayers, libations, and engage in divination. Long-term acts could include studying, creating art, or dedicating service to the gods. Read more on our blog.

Sleep & Its Spirits

Sleep, a universal need often shrouded in myth and magic, is ruled by various deities and spirits across cultures. From the benevolent Baku ending nightmares to the mischievous Succubus and Hag terrorizing sleepers, spiritual protection is crucial. Alongside practical efforts like "sleep hygiene," herbal teas like chamomile and lavender can aid restful sleep. Read more on our blog.

Intro to Dreamwalking

Dreamwalking is not an easy feat; it takes time, effort, and dedication. Mastering lucid dreaming is the first step, followed by learning to control and distinguish between dreams. Persistence and a dream journal are essential. Read more on our blog.

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