Knot Magic: Part II


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In Part I, we discussed Square Knots and how they can be used in love, prosperity, and health magic. Today, after we discuss the correspondences for the colors black and blue, we’ll cover Figure-Eight Knots and the way you can use them in protection and communication magic.


Black is the color most heavily associated with protection, reversal, and banishing magic. Black is an interesting color because in the light spectrum, it is not a color on its own. In art, however, it is considered to represent the combination of all colors. So, black is a unique color in that it is both a color (in art) and not a color at all (on the light spectrum). This gives it an unparalleled strength when it comes to protection magic, as its lack of presence on the light spectrum allows any black magical tool (such as candles or knots) to repel any/all kinds of harm. Since black is not part of the light spectrum, it is well-suited to breaking, reversing, banishing, or even exorcising malignant energies and spirits. 


Blue is a color with a pretty fascinating history - like black, it isn’t exactly a color in its own right, but sits somewhere between the visible spectrums of green and violet light wavelengths. In magic, blue is heavily associated with communication, peace/harmony, trust, and justice. What makes that association really intriguing is the fact that blue is, as mentioned, a color that sits between two different spectrums of light - it is, itself, a mediating wavelength. Despite the fact that blue has a relatively short wavelength on the visible spectrum, it is a color that we see in an expansive way, especially when we look up at the sky or out at the ocean. That makes blue a perfect color to use for communication, justice, and harmonious magic.  

Figure-Eight Knots

The Figure-Eight Knot is named for its iconic look - it literally resembles a Figure-Eight. This knot has several other names, including the Savoy knot, the Flemish knot, and the double-stopper knot. It is a very easy knot to tie, easy to check, and it is very, very strong. It is really just a simple overhand knot with an added twist. Check out this video to learn how to tie the knot and how important it is in the practice of rock climbing.

Because the Figure-Eight knot is so strong, it is fantastic for any kind of magic that you want to last for a long time. This makes it great to use for all kinds of magic, including protection and communication magic, which we’re discussing today. 

Figure-Eight Knots in Protection Magic

In protection magic, the figure-eight knot can be used for basic protection - to keep negative energies and/or malignant spirits away from you - or for reversal magic. To make a basic protection ward, take a single piece of black cord and tie a figure-eight knot in it while focusing intently on the need for it to protect you. Some people will find this easier to do through visualization, others through stating something out loud, and others will simply concentrate on the need for protection silently. All of these approaches are valid - use the one that feels right to you. 

The benefit of this particular piece of protection magic is that a figure-eight knot is really strong! It can feel awkward to leave a single knot in a cord, or like a single knot is too few, but it is possible to do knot magic with a single knot. You can always tie more figure-eight knots in the same cord, then hang it up somewhere where you want the protective energy. 

If you choose to use a blue cord instead of a black cord, focus on maintaining a peaceful or harmonious environment rather than keeping things away. Peaceful home magic is still a type of protective magic, though it works a bit differently. 

If you feel adventurous, you can combine the black and blue cords. Tie a figure-eight knot into the black cord with the intent to protect and into the blue cord with the intent to maintain balance. You can even tie the two cords together if you want. If you combine the colors, you can create a peaceful protection amulet that will serve to keep things out that disrupt your peace. 

Figure-Eight Knots in Communication Magic 

In communication magic, figure-eight knots can help resolve tensions or help people see things on the same wavelength. Because the aim is to relieve tension - untangle issues - this type of knot magic is best done through the intentional tying, untying, and re-tying of knots

Remember from Part I that square knots are really good for drawing people together but not so good at keeping them together. Figure-eight knots are not great for drawing people together but are wonderful for keeping them together. When we are dealing with communication issues, we want to draw people together so that they can see issues in alignment with each other and we want to restore the harmony to a relationship where conflict has caused a disruption. 

So, this piece of knot magic is a little more complicated. We want to start with a blue cord and tie a figure-eight knot into it - this represents the relationship that we want to have in harmony. As such, this first figure-eight knot will stay tied throughout the working of the magic. 

Once you have your figure-eight knot, you’ll want to use a square knot to tie a black cord onto the blue cord. As you tie the square knot, it’s important to concentrate on all of the negativity that you personally feel towards the person concerning the issue that is causing a communication breakdown. You really want to pour all of your anger and annoyance into this knot, and you may need to tie a few square knots with the black cord before you work all of it out. 

Once you have done that, you want to take a new black cord and tie a figure-eight knot in that cord. The figure-eight in this black cord needs to be imbued with your intention to resolve any/all communication issues between you and the person who you are having the problems with. 

Once you have the black cord with the figure-eight knot, you want to focus on releasing those issues as you untie the square knots from the blue cord and transfer them onto the black cord. As you tie the square knots onto the black cord, focus on drawing the communication issues away from the relationship with the person the blue cord represents. Focus on drawing those issues onto the black cord, which has been tied with the intention of getting rid of (aka banishing) all of the communication issues in that relationship. 

Once you have the black square knots tied onto the black cord, you’ll want to dispose of the black cord by either burning or burying it. Make sure you do not dispose of it inside your own home - this is negative energy that you need to discard elsewhere. Whatever you do, do NOT untie the black knots once they are on the black cord. That will undo all the hard work you just did! 

Finally, once you have disposed of the black cord, you will want to come back to your first blue cord and cut a new piece of blue cord. Tie blue square knots onto the blue cord, focusing on drawing in harmonious communication with the other person. Once it feels complete, hang the talisman wherever it makes the most sense to you to do so. 

For our closest readers, you’ll notice that the communication magic worked above helps resolve communication issues by addressing the caster’s issues, rather than the issues of the other person. This is because communication issues start with the self, not with the other person, and getting rid of our own preconceived notions of what someone else might be trying to say often interferes with our ability to hear what they are actually trying to say. The highest forms of magic are those that address our own faults first. There’s a time and place for offensive magic, but communication magic rarely ever calls for its use.