Knot Magic: Part I


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Knot magic automatically ties action and intent into a single moment. Broken down into a formula, Magic = Intent + Action. So, knot magic, where you tie your intentions physically into a cord? That’s manifestation in a single moment. When you really know how to direct your will - your intention - into every knot you tie? That’s powerful. 

Knot magic is part of what makes our amulets so powerful - I tie the intent into the knots that serve as the cord for our protection amulets as well as all of our talismans. Amulets protect by repelling - they keep things away. Talismans work by drawing energy in - they bring in what you want to experience. Everyone who buys our amulets and talismans tells us “Wow, these are powerful!” That’s because we use knot magic - and because we’ve been practicing magic for nearly thirty years. 

The only physical item you need for knot magic is cord. Knot magic can be as simple as tying a single knot or as complex as tying as many knots as you can count. When you tie a knot, what matters is that you fully concentrate on the results you want. To further strengthen knot magic, choose cords of colors that align with the work you want to do. Once you’ve chosen your cord colors, cut two equal lengths of cord. These can be as long or short as you like. Once you have the colors you want, it’s time to decide what the best knot is for the work. 

To get you started with knot magic, we’ll discuss different types of knots and how they can be used in magic. In the first article of this series, we’ll be covering Square Knots and how to use them in love, prosperity, and health magic. 

Square Knots

Square Knots are, perhaps, one of the most iconic of all knots. Also known as the Reef Knot and Hercules Knot, a Square Knot is one of the easiest knots to tie. However, they are also easy to tie incorrectly, which can result in either a Thief’s Knot or Granny Knot. There’s an old rhyme that helps ensure that we tie a Square Knot correctly, “Right over left, left over right, makes a knot both tidy and tight.” Here’s a great video on how to tie a Square Knot correctly. 

Magically, square knots are great for forming connections with others, bringing people together, and drawing certain types of energy together. A square knot is traditionally used to join together two different cords, and that translates across into magic. Knot magic operates on the principle of “like cures like.” Since square knots are used to bring together two previously separate cords, they are great for any kind of magic that draws things together. Intermediate and advanced practitioners may note that square knots can also be used in binding and protective magic. It is recommended that those just starting out stick to using square knots for drawing purposes. 

Square Knots in Love Magic 

Square knots, while used to draw people together, are good to bring love into your life initially. This means that square knots are good to use in knot magic when you are simply trying to attract someone into your life for romantic interaction. For love magic, you’ll get the best results using red and/or pink cord. This is especially true if you live in the U.S., where romance is heavily associated with the colors red and pink. The stronger the correspondence between the color of the cord and the color of the intention, the stronger the magic will be. 

Square Knots in Prosperity Magic 

Square knots are good for drawing prosperity into your life, as long as you make sure you have tied a square knot and not a thief’s knot. This is a kind of knot magic you do not want to do using square knots if you are not 100% confident in your ability to tie square knots. In the U.S., the best colors for prosperity magic are green, gold, and silver.

Square Knots in Health Magic 

Square knots are great in knot magic for drawing in healing energy and rejuvenation. In the U.S., health is often associated with the color green. It is also sometimes associated with the color red. I personally associate healing with red, as blood is red, and healthy blood usually indicates a healthy body. 

The Limitations of Square Knots 

Square knots are relatively useful in love, prosperity, and health magic, but they are also limited in the work they can do. Square knots cannot hold much weight - other knots handled load-bearing much better. That means square knots can be used in magic to help get things started, but they aren’t great at sustaining magic over a long period of time.